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The Week Of Duane concludes

Fri, Mar 10, 2023  | 
By Duane Patterson

The Week Of Duane concludes

A first for the program in its 23-year run, and a real kick for me, as Hugh gave me the keys to the show and let me take it out for a spin this week. Today, we conclude with a look at Joe Biden feebly trying to sell his new budget that is deader than the bodies on the cart in Monty Python’s Life Of Brian. We’ll also talk movies with Sonny Bunch, Tarzana Joe will be along with the poem of the week, which is a little self-serving being the Week of Duane and all, and then the main event – The highlights and lowlights of the House Weaponization Committee yesterday, featuring Democrats tripping all over themselves to see who could be the most tone deaf, authoritarian, and obnoxious.

In hour three, Hugh will return to begin a new series in Churchill with Dr. Larry Arnn in this week’s Hillsdale Dialogue.

Special thanks to all of our regular guests and sponsors for making this week so easy, to Adam and Jacob will keeping us on the air, to all of you out there who have emailed in with some really nice reactions to the program this week, and to Hugh for greenlighting the Week of Duane in the first place.

But most importantly, thanks to the Democratic Party for providing 3 weeks’ worth of material from which to select. It made show prep very easy.

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